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20 Minute Consultation - Free!!! (Best Value)

What do you want to learn? This isn't public school. Playing music is just that: PLAY! Let's do what YOU wanna do. Choose from one of the options below...OR make one up. Just keep it classy, please.

Songwriting - $50/hour

Have you ever wanted to write a song?

Songwriting is my true calling in life. It's the craft that I have put the most time and energy into. What I pour my heart into. 

I flat out know how to write a song. And I can teach you techniques, tricks & hacks that can help you write your first or 51st song!

Guitar - $50/hour

How do you want to learn? What do you want to learn? Do you want to pick up a guitar and sing a song? How about at a party or family get-together? Trust me, music gets people's attention.

Do you want to learn about the theory of music on a guitar? It's heady stuff. But I can teach you. Choose your own adventure.

Singing - $50/hour

Want to improve your singing? I can help with that. 

I've been singing, performing, studying & learning about the voice my entire life. In college, I had the honor and privilege of being a student of

Florence Birdwell. This incredible woman not only taught me effective & sustainable vocal technique, but also how to SING LIKE YOU MEAN IT! 

D. All of the above - $50/hour

Get it?

For $50/hour, you get me, my collected knowledge, my understanding, my time, my energy, my devotion. 

I still have much to learn. Let's learn together.

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